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Wood shingles are accessible in different shapes and sizes, usually 16 “long and 8” wide. They are light, flexible, easy to install, inexpensive and have a beautifully warm and vibrant finish to spice up any home. If done properly, it can add to your modern home a warm, natural finish.

There are many kinds of wooden shingles and shakes, tapered, straight, split or sifted, that often come with straight sides. Different timber species are used, as are various sizes and techniques of assembly. Before or after assembly, it’s best to treat your wood with preservatives and fire retardants, shakes and shingles to prevent rot and infestations.

Types of Shingles

Modern Wood Shingles Roofing Raleigh NC

Modern shakes that are commercially available are usually thicker than the old hand-split ones and usually are left with a rough and corrugated surface. They bring an antique feel that can be mistaken for vintage when in actuality it is rather modern in comparison.

Some designs are pre-cut with ornamental designs and are often referred to as fancy-cut shingles and made for future painting. The sides are rectangular, square and rebutted, meaning that the sides are parallel and the bottom quadratic to the side.

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Recycled Rubber Shake Shingles

These small wonders are produced mainly of recycled tires, making them great for those who are looking for a more environmentally friendly installation. They look like ordinary wood shingles, but with maintenance and potential problems they do not rot, bend, bend, crack or absorb moisture, meaning less trouble and buzz.

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