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Slate/Shingle Metal Roofing Raleigh NC

For their easy installation and inexpensive nature, shingles are a classic roofing design. While still popular in the States, metal shingles are certainly well worth their price and create an outstanding life-long roofing choice for those seeking an installation and an unforgettable roofing alternative. Consider us for your Shingle Metal Roofing Raleigh NC installation.

Benefits of Shingles Metal Roofing Raleigh NC

Shingles are simple to install and they are highly durable due to the metal make-up. They are also less probable to come loose during a storm, which means fewer repairs should come when storms come through the County.

Metal Shingles are readily tailored to almost any home and their appearance smooth on the eyes makes them a simple fit for almost any home. They are readily waterproofed and cared for, need little maintenance, and come in various metals, ranging from copper to zinc to steel.

Slate Metal Roofing

Slate comes in a lot of materials and shapes and is a common choice in many residential areas in and throughout the Raleigh NC. Metal slate is a long-lasting and durable alternative available in a multitude of price ranges. It’s more subtle than shingles and doesn’t pop as loudly, making it an amazing addition to outdoor fields and homes.

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Shingle Metal Roofing Raleigh NC

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