Natural Slate Roofing Raleigh NC offers full-service maintenance and repair services in and around Raleigh. They partner with homeowners to increase their interest by increasing the attractiveness of restraint and by protecting their assets at an affordable price with high-quality products.

Natural Slate Roofing Raleigh NC works with companies to evaluate their business roofing requirements. Our experienced business team helps you identify the necessary materials for your commercial roof systems. We offer a number of options for each budget for companies of all shapes and sizes, making us the first commercial roofing company in Raleigh.

Natural Slate Roofing Raleigh NC has experience in working with community managers, apartment managers, associations and management of the property. We specialize in multi-family roofs repair, renovation and general maintenance. Our multi-family department has extensive knowledge of all housing types.

Roofing Slate Is An Art!

As a chosen tower contractor, we agree that shingles and metal roofs are robust, stylish and even slightly more expensive. Nonetheless, the advantage is that a leak can be patched on your slate roof without a full roof replacement.

For all our North Carolina customers we offer a slate roof repair and we will do all we can to retrieve the slabs that are in good shape and just replace the ones that can not be reused.

Our slate roof repair process is systematic and begins with a detailed problem assessment. We search for missing or damaged slates and see if they are in good shape and if the roof can be easily fixed.

When we define the situation, we provide you with pricing and guarantee information for your job. We must create a special arrangement before we begin reparations, which prohibits us from walking directly on slates.

Natural Slate Roofing Raleigh NC replace the missing or broken slates with a special tool called slate scraper by removing the old nails. We then remove all broken slate bits, add a slate hook and hang new slate.

Sometimes we may have to change the flashing or valley too. But if so, we will do all we can to reuse existing slates.

Roofing slate is an art. We lay individual tiles on the roof pitch, combining colors and sizes to create a distinctive appearance. Once your constructed slate roof is finished, the elements are inherently waterproof, fireproof and highly resistant.

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