If your roof leaks and you need a reliable Natural Slate Roofing Raleigh NC roofing contractor, you need to find an experienced professional not only licensed. But screened to protect you and keep your peace of mind. The roofer you eventually select should be able to work with any shingles. Including the fixing of cracks, waterproof insulation, snow removal or new roofing.

He/she also should be a professional who works exclusively in the roofing industry. Either as a smaller one with a crew or as part of larger building business. But perhaps the most important thing is to find a roofing company which has a reputation for quality work at affordable prices. Once work begins, a detailed checklist with all the information should be provided. So that you know how much the project costs once the decision is made. That’s how a professional contractor carries out trade.

Hard To Wear And Lasts For 50 Years!

The alternative to tile is a slate, which is cut to the right size as a covering for the roof. Slate is also extremely hard to wear and resistant to wood-boring insect damage. Again–together with tile, slate is costly and heavy. The natural color variance of natural slate on the positive side of the stuff means that the owner doesn’t have to match slate tiles–the natural color variations, in fact, contribute to a house’s appearance with slate tiles.

If you want a roof that you pass on to your children, slate is the solution. Of course, a stone roof is extremely heavy, but the durability can not be conquered. Slate roofs last about 50 years, and unbelievably good roofs can last for about a century. Unlike tile, slate needs very strong structural support, and the skills needed to correctly install it are even less common.

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