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Natural slate roofing, cut directly from stone and mineral, gives only the finest mother nature has to offer to your home. Forged with nature’s power, it brings an amazing appeal and excellent durability to your home and roof that can not be matched. It is certainly a more expensive alternative than most, but the entry cost is well worth it and works wonders on any home!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Natural Slate Shingles


As mentioned, with one of the longest roofing lifespans, they are extremely strong to match, usually lasting at least five decades. Their outstanding finish and color stems from the reality that they are cut from natural materials and minerals, which means that every bit of it is as natural as the surrounding hills. This factors into its price, but the quality of its outcomes is unquestionable.


They’re not the bunch’s cheapest choice. In all honesty, most of the price is routed in the reality that its mineral is cut and not generated/made, which means that at any specified moment there can only be a restricted supply. They can also be incredibly heavy, which means that it can not be handled by every home. Before making sure your roof can take the weight, we always do a check.


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While Raleigh Roofing Contractors is more than competent and willing to install and compete with the best there is, it is trickier to install natural slate than other alternatives. Let us show you why not only in the setup but also in the procurement of equipment we are deemed the best.

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